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Liberland’s Second International Architectural Competition’s results announced – fifth place goes to IUS!

Liberland announced the results of the second international architectural competition and the representatives from the International University of Sarajevo took fifth place.

The local entry was led by Prof. Dr Tarek El-Akkad, coordinated by Aiša Kvrgić and included team members Amina Ljubunčić, Irfan Gibanica, Semina Crnomerović, Merjem Sijarić, Amna Marić, and Carolina Siruguet.

The second Liberland Architectural Competition attracted more than 20 entries from architects, designers and engineers from many countries including teams from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Czech Republic, China, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States.

„Liberland being a new micronation at a strategic location was used as a case study to design the “Sustainable City of the Future.” The team was challenged to create a model to follow in the design of green, sustainable, and smart cities. The emphasis was on using bioclimatic and biophilic concepts to reduce energy consumption and mitigate urban heat islands. Alternative sources of energy were explored taking full advantage of the location of the site. Passive design strategies were to be employed whenever possible. Communal living with maximized amenities that promote recreation, healthy living, and urban agriculture was to be focused,“ noted Prof. El-Akkad.

He also added that the team initially worked on the master plan and wanted to maximize the use of the natural elements of the site. Using waterways for the main transportation system was a perfect solution. Once this system was established, they worked on developing logical zoning of different districts. These districts reflected the personalities of the team members as each one was fully responsible for the design of a specific zone.