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The Art of Architecture - An Exhibition of Students' Drawings

Opening of an exhibition of freehand drawings created by Architecture students from two courses taught by Assistant Professor Dr. Tarek El-Akkad: History of Architecture II and Freehand Drawing was organized on March 24, 2022 at the IUS Art Gallery.

The drawings cover historical periods from Persepolis to Barcelona and show historical, contemporary and imaginary architecture. The exhibition is divided into three parts. The first informative part contains information about buildings, their history and infographics; the second part is the practical part where freehand drawings of the buildings and their interior are presented and the third part is representing imaginary futuristic buildings.

The exhibition was conceived by Assistant Professor Dr. Tarek El-Akkad and curated by Associate Professor Dr. Meliha Teparić to connect the IUS community with the art of architecture.

The exhibition will be on display until April 8, 2022.