The Architecture Study Program in the International University of Sarajevo aspires to contribute the Balkans region in the creation of sustainable designed environments to enhance the human experience. The program fosters critical and creative thinking in the discipline of Architectural Design. This will be achieved through a community of research active staff and the provision of excellence in teaching, both in underlying theoretical concepts as well as application through design and supported through collaboration across disciplines within the University.

The overall motive behind the Architecture Study Program is to address the strong student demands both within Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Balkans and Turkey. Architecture is a very popular profession in many countries around the globe. The increasing urbanization and the emergence of new technologies (i.e. sustainable design and digital technologies) require the establishment of new kind of built environment and the necessity to apply new approaches in architectural practice. Considering this high demand and as an international higher education institute, IUS aims to extend its high quality higher education to canvass the field of architecture.

The overall aim of the Architecture Program is to establish a strong foundation for architectural practice and to provide opportunities for our students in rapidly changing professional practice in accordance with their individual skills. Therefore, the Architecture Program aims to prepare its students to fulfill legal requirements to be registered as architect in relevant statutory and governmental bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey and most of other countries in all around the globe.



Graduates are well prepared for exciting careers in various design related fields, such as architectural practice, town planning, construction, project/construction management, property development, research and heritage conservation. Students have easy access to the professors for help and mentoring, well developed design studios, computer laboratories as well as sporting and cultural events.