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IUS Architecture Program Embarks on Inspiring Study Trip to Venice Biennale

The students and academics of the IUS Architecture study program recently had the opportunity to participate in a transformative study trip to the prestigious Biennale di Venezia, an event that is considered a must-attend on the architectural calendar. The trip, which took place from October 25 to October 29, 2023, was organized by the Program's Assistant Professor Leila Krivošić-Dizdarević, with strong support from the Dean's office and the Rectorate.

Under the guidance of the 2023 Biennale Director, the world-renowned architect and writer Ms. Lesley Lokko, OBE, the students and faculty were immersed in a world of architectural innovation and thought-provoking themes. Ms. Lokko, who has received numerous awards for her contributions to architecture, brought a fresh perspective to the event with her chosen theme, "The Laboratory of the Future," which placed Africa in the spotlight and explored sustainable design approaches on both macro and micro scales.

The Biennale, which runs from May 20 to November 11, 2023, is hosted at two well-established venues: the Arsenale and Giardini, along with several other locations throughout the enchanting city of Venice.

During the first day of the study trip, the group explored the historic UNESCO heritage cities of Verona and Padova, known for their rich history and stunning architecture. The second and third days were dedicated to visiting the Arsenale, a former shipyard and armory complex, where 22 different exhibitions were on display. The following day, participants had the privilege of spending an entire day at Giardini, where they marveled at landscape architecture in the park and visited 27 Pavilions where various countries showcased their projects on the theme of "The Laboratory of the Future." Additionally, the Main building featured the work of 27 renowned architects who had the opportunity to present their groundbreaking ideas.

In addition to the wealth of contemporary architecture on display, the group also explored the historical heart of Venice, taking in its picturesque canals and a visit to the charming island of Burano.

The study trip was a remarkable opportunity for the IUS Architecture study program students and faculty to broaden their horizons, gain inspiration from leading architects and their visions for the future, and learn about the rich history and architecture of Italy. The group of 42 students were accompanied by four academic staff members, Prof. Dr. Meliha Teparić, Asst. Prof. Dr. Mejrema Zatrić-Šahović, Expert in Practice Sabina Beširević-Zahirović, and Asst. Prof. Leila Krivošić-Dizdarević.