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ARCH375 Interior Design

Mentor/Curator: Leila Krivosic Dizdarevic

Participants: Emira Gibanica, Una Tutic, Deni Beslic, Bilal Redzepagic, Tarik Jelacic, Lamija Tufekcic, Lana Krsic, Azra Klico, Nadija Nejira Bilajbegovic, Hana Kazazovic, Belkis Topal, Ibrahim Emin Koc

This online exhibition presents students' work done in the undergraduate class of architectural communications as part of the Architecture Program at IUS under the mentorship of Assistant Professor Leila Krivosic Dizdarevic.

The brief for the spring semester 2021 course was to create a pavilion for the chosen emotion. The process of designing the pavilion saw students push the boundaries, of conventional brief, away and approached the design not form the client/brief, but through the process of examining the possibilities of the tangents connected to the emotions that they chose to represent. Students combined the knowledge gained thru the research on the topic of the specific emotions with their designing skills and the outcome was a collection of interesting representations of unimaginable feelings translated into form that is easily comprehendible: the pavilion.